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Aleks-Crystal.com: Bohemia Crystal and Bohemian glassware

Famous and dining utensils made of Czech crystal. Such glassware has incredible strength, has a wonderful cut, due to which champagne glasses made of Bohemian glass play in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. Often, the products that you can familiarize yourself with at https://aleks-crystal.com/candlesticks/ are decorated with precious, semi-precious stones: agates, amethysts, jasper, malachite, emeralds, etc. are used. The material is even used for the production of canteens devices.

Champagne glasses
Check out the quality and durability of bohemia crystal glasses:

models: a set of tall wine glasses Bohemia 25678DF;
characteristics: service for 6 persons, made of monolithic Czech stack, black background decor;
pluses: good combination of colors, Greek style of decoration, monolithic product;
cons: gilding around the edges does not hold well.
Venetian patterns will help to give a solemn, festive feast elegance, style:

models: a set of glasses bohemia crystal 54517DT;
characteristics: a set for champagne for 6 persons, made under the Venetian style of decoration;
pluses: deep laser engraving, Neprana painting;
cons: constituent structure.

At a family holiday, a set of crystal-clear wine glasses with high-quality laser engraving will be an excellent table decoration:

model name: bohemia crystal shiny wine glasses;
characteristics: 6 low guilty glasses of standard volume 250 ml. with a complex faceted leg;
pluses: deep laser engraving, rounded edges;
cons: low iron content.
Autumn style of decorating the set is good as a wedding gift:

models: a set of bohemia crystal glasses;
characteristics: the set is designed for 6 persons, 3 different glasses are presented, external decor "autumn";
pluses: heavy leg, high content of lead oxide;
cons: not identified.

Appreciate the sophistication of this decorative Greek crystal vase depicting a mythical creature:

model name: Gorgon vase bohemia crystal;
characteristics: a 35 cm high vase is decorated with Greek ornaments, the head of a gorgon-medusa is carved on 4 sides;
pluses: excellent performance style, minimalism;
cons: thin bottom, shallow engraved edges.
An antique stylized black quartz vase will be a great addition to your home interior:

model name: flower vase Argo "golden flower" Egermann;
characteristics: large vase, 60 cm high, made of black blown Bohemian quartz from Egermann;
pluses: embossed deep laser engraving, layers of gilding hold tightly;
cons: weight.

shot glasses
Exquisite engraving on the walls of the glasses will add seriousness to the so-called dinner, help to tune in to the discussion of important matters:

models: a set of glasses for crystallite bohemia vodka;
characteristics: glasses with silver circular engraving, 6 persons, dimensions 5.4x5.4x10.7 cm;
pluses: thick walls, comfortable leg;
cons: not identified.
Different color markings will prevent your guests from confusing glasses:

model name: crystallite bohemia 32084 cocktail vodka set;
characteristics: there is no engraving, the legs are made in different colors;
pluses: comfortable shape;
cons: too long leg.

A set of tableware from the famous Czech company will decorate a family celebration:

model name: Porcelaine Czech Gold Hand;
characteristics: a porcelain service for 6 persons, 26 items, the decor is made in the form of Czech coat of arms;
pluses: beautiful, bright design;
cons: cost.

Porcelain sets are universally considered timeless classics that go with any meal:

model name: Porcelaine Czech Gold Hand 45667;
characteristics: porcelain service for 6 persons, 26 items, the decor is made in the form of ornaments;
pluses: beautiful, bright design;
cons: not identified.

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